Adult Head Protection


Introducing  Head Protection for the elderly and people with disabilities.
Designed for social wearing with detachable chin strap for comfort.

Beanie Head Protection
Head Buddy™  Beanie
navy blue, brown, khaki, black
Head Scarf - Ladies Head Protection
Head Buddy™ Scarf
Printed/Plain satin - Printed/Plain chiffon
 black, cream, blue, green, pink, purple, mauve
Summer Mesh - neutral colour

Head Buddy - Design
Head Buddy Summer Mesh Beanie
Head Buddy™ Summer Mesh Beanie
Head Buddy Ladies Summer Scarf
Head Buddy™ Summer Scarf
Head Buddy Shell
Head Buddy™ Shell
(put your own hat over if needed)
Head Buddy Sun Hat
Head Buddy - Head Band
Head Buddy™ Head Band
oatmeal, navy blue
Adult Head Protection
Head Buddy™ Sun Hat
(outdoor use - oatmeal, navy blue)

Head Buddy™  is distributed worldwide through normal postal methods
and is made from non toxic materials in Australia.
Head Buddy™ is a trademarked and registered design product - any infringement will result in legal action

Head Buddy is a trading name of Head Bumpa Pty Ltd (Aust)
Manufacturers of Child and Adult Head Protection - Worldwide

07 3264 4000
Fax: (International)

"Dear Isla
Dad is 90 and he is thrilled with his hat, which repeatedly saves him from head injury during fainting attacks. It looks very smart and he enjoys the iconic Australian bush hat style.

Please feel free to use these two pictures and this recommendation. Regards
Dane De F."

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